Heating-bed without tool head

Hello is it possible to start the heating bed without the printing head on/connected or any tool head for that matter? Have tried put the M190 command in the gcode but when running it nothing happens it just stops at that command and wait and the temperature never rise. Has the snapmaker 2.0 A350/A350T/F350. Thanks in advance

As far as I have seen, no. In this case, it seems the programing of the machine requires that the tool head be connected for it to know what function you are trying to use.

Ok thanks. Do you know if you can cut the wires on the heating bed and connect them to an external power supply?

Well, sure, it’s electrical wiring like anything else, but if you did that then you wouldn’t have control over the heater temp, and wouldn’t be able to connect it back to the machine unless you did some very fun wiring wizardry. If you ever intend to use the heated bed for 3D printing in the future, I would not recommend it, and it would definitely void any warranty on it, as well as any safety hazard from the modification becoming your own risk.

I know some users have unmounted the toolhead on the Original, plugged it in, then proceeded. I think that was how they made pen and cutter “tools”. The mounted toolhead is dumb, and the smart toolhead is plugged in but not mounted.

I assume that would work on the other models. I seem to recall a cutter tool for V2 being mentioned in the forums. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on the Artisan or J1, but I haven’t seen anybody post that they’ve done it.

What are you trying to do that you want to control the bed manually?

So I’m using the printer for a science project and have modified it and are using the xy motors for movement. Now I want to be able to heat up my samples. Firstly I thought about buying a heater then I was maybe the one that comes along work. I have thought about having the printing toolhead connected but not mounted by don’t really like it with my setup.