Unexpected stop of 3D printing - A250

Hello, this is my first post on this forum.

Has anyone experienced a situation like me? More specifically - during 3D printing there is a sudden stop phenomenon, but not quite as if there is no electricity, because the print head will travel in X, Y, Z at a safe distance (it does not stay in the material).
The screen goes blank and does not respond. only manual power off and on again have the effect. After starting, there is a message about the lack of power and resume interrupted printing.

As new to the forum, I cannot upload videos.
All videos are posted on FB.

The UPS idea was interesting. I was added to borrow from a friend UPS. Unfortunately, the breaks in printing continued. I decided to change the printer OS to the older one - 1.8. Unexpected stops occurred while printing. I anticipate the question - the printer is still connected to the UPS. There is only one difference as before (OS 1.9) the screen went blank and nothing could be done, so now (OS 1.8) I get a message about lost connection. As you can see in the attached video, despite the possibility of reconnecting it does not do anything. Again I have to turn the power off and on to resume printing. I found information on the forum to try to disconnect all cables and reconnect them. I did so. The problem persists.

This printer is the first I have, so I count on the help of more experienced colleagues and the SNAPMAKER team.

best regards

I could not see your video,- i am no facebook user…
A handfull of user had a broken power-cable, from the powerunit to the snapmaker-controller.
Have you got a multimeter to beep it out?
You should forward this to support@snapmaker.com

Ok, I’ll check if the cable is broken at the earliest opportunity.

I hope the movies will be visible now.

Hey @Gorylsam86, this is no normal behavior.- may you upload your gcode or link it to the forum?
For explanation, if you run into power loss, the Z-axis hops about 1mm, no more movement, thats it.

Which slicer did you use?
Did you transfer the gcode to the touchscreen or the usb-stick?

If you print from usb-stick, i would suggest you to try another stick.

Did you try something like M600 filament change gcode?- This could be the problem.

Also, I don’t think this is normal behavior. In the event of a power failure, the head should stop immediately and remain in the material (at least, I think so), and here it goes away to a safe distance.
I use the factory LUBAN 3.7 for cutting.
As I wrote, it prints directly from the printer’s memory, not with a USB flash drive or via a connected cable to the computer. I send the file via WiFi to the printer.
M600?? I’m too green to fumble with the printer’s gcode.
The only thing I changed after testing the M92 E212 to E238.31.

Link to the gcode file from which I print and is visible on the film:

I hope SNAPMAKER employees also read the forum :slight_smile:

Hey @Gorylsam86, i need a password for your google-drive :joy:

I forward it to them, @Edwin @parachvte @JKC20

I saw a message requesting access to this file. Access granted. Let me know if you managed to get to it.
I’m in the process of printing but as soon as I’m done printing the downloaded LOG files from the printer and I’ll try to include it here. Maybe we can deduce something from them.

I forgot to add that this event did not occur only on this project (gcode file). I was using Luban all the time. More than once it happened in 3-5% of the work as well as in the middle and at the end.

As promised, I am uploading LOG files. Search for data with the date 2020.07.19. There you can see the printing pauses and resuming printing.
If someone wants, he can look at the entire LOG. There will also be other days on which the same situation took place.
20200719.rar (371.4 KB)

Hi. Does the problem happens every time? And after start printing, when would the problem happen?

Please also post the G-code file that this problem would happen with.

As I wrote before, there is no rule when this happens. Sometimes at the beginning of printing, sometimes in the middle of printing, and sometimes at the end. There is no rule for this. In addition, I would like to add that I had such cases on complex elements as well as on simple cube type.

GCODE from the file printed on the film
baby1_FASTv2.part1.rar (4 MB)
baby1_FASTv2.part2.rar (3.1 MB)

I would suggest you to forward this to support@snapmaker.com