Print just stopped + more


Ok, so this night i figured i would try to do my biggest and longest(time wise) print this far by doing the “Snapmaker Accessories Storage Box (v1.1_updated)”. Fired the print up an hour or so before i went to bed and the last time i checked in on it before hitting the bunk it had just began with the 3-4 outer wall layer and all seemed to go smooth.

But today when i got up for work i couldn’t here any printing noises, so i checked up on the printer and it had stopped mid-layer. The nozzle still on the surface of the print, extruder and bed were @ room temp and the progress were at 0h 0min. My first thought was that i have had a power outage or something, so i went down stairs to check out my oven and microwave who’s clock reset to 00:00 with only a ms of power outage. BUT they were still on the right time, and i haven’t gotten an SMS from my power company of any registered problems on my grid either.

So i went back up to check out the printer some more, went in to “Jog-Mode” to get the print head out of the way, and then i saw that all the axes only wanted to go in the “+” direction from where the print have stopped?
If i tried to move them farther in the “-” they would just stop, like they have reached the end of travel, but in "+"
they would “overextend” and bottom out, still trying to move farther.

I pried of the failed print, and tried to toggle the printer on/off and then tried to move the axes again, now they responded and i made it “return to home”…

So well, what the f**k can have happened here? Anyone else here had a similar problem? =/ I really don’t want to try another 19+ hour print and have it fail at 40-ish%

I have some pictures i took to, but since i’m @ work now i can’t upload them to easy.



I’ve never quite had an issue like this before. Was the print being done via a computer or via the USB port?

It could simply be a mis-calibration issue. Have you updated to the latest firmware?



I used the memory stick that came with the printer :confused:

What sort of calibration issue could that be, 50mm in the height of the print :thinking: yeah it’s the newest one :open_mouth:

Just started another 17+ hour print (other model), so i’ll see when i get up tomorrow lol.


Did you ever find out what happened here? I just ran into the same issue on my print. Happened twice on different points of the print


Sorry for the problem you ran into.
Please fill in the warranty request, and attach a video or several pictures of problem and describe the problem in details.
We will transfer several questions to you from our engineer later and instruct you to locate the problem.
The more detailed your description is, the fewer questions we will have.


To little to late for me, the printer have been standing unplugged since the end of July just collecting dust.

I did print that same print on the SM on a later occation though and it went fine, so i guess it’s a firmware bug. Since i tried with the same slice.