Resume after power failure not working

My Snapmaker A350 does not resume after an interruption. It used to before the latest firmware update. Now, after it forgets the interrupted job no matter how the interruption happened (e.g. gcode on USB stick, unplugging the power cord). Anyone else having this issue? Pointers please?


Mine also did not resume printing after a power blip throughout the night. If anyone has any insight into why this might be, that would be helpful.

Which firmware are you using?

Did you recently update?
Was it working before you updated?

3.9.0, not since I first got it less then a month ago, and this is the first large print I’ve attempted on it. I know what layer it stopped on if I can get it to start back up from there with custom Gcode.

I’m using the latest firmware, V1.10.1. The feature just does not work and should not be advertised. Generally, Snapmaker’s problem is mostly software: the software side is not very mature on multiple levels, whereas the hardware is relatively solid. Unfortunately, these go hand-in-hand, and because of the software limitations, Luban or firmware, the product does not function as well as it could. This issue with not resuming after an interruption has been around for 6 months, through several firmware updates. The device should be capable to resume even after a controlled pause and shut down; we shouldn’t have to yank the power cord to get that functionality; and even that doesn’t work for me.

We have had a success with custom gcode restarting:

I will say that we had left everything in place so if you’ve moved the build plate this might not work, but if you are savvy with code you might be able to save it. Good luck!

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I have left it in place for this exact reason and have been spending the night slowly deleting everything up to Layer:859. I just remembered that Notepad++ makes that a lot easier though ^^;. Thank you for responding though, I greatly appreciate it and hopefully I can get this to work!

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Had same issue. Unplugged machine (not switched/turned off) to mimic power failure and was prompted upon startup.

I did the same thing as @mi_maker. When the power cut, I turned the machine off to avoid a power surge when the power came back on. When turned the machine back on, it didn’t automatically recognize there had been a power out and went back to the “start” home screen. I then pulled the power cord out to trick it into thinking there was a power out. When I plugged it back in, it went to the “resume print after power outage” page and this worked for me. Hope it helps others.

Power Loss Recovery is an interesting feature, but no one should ever expect it to be fool-proof. Why? Because if the bed cools down, there is a very good chance that the print will lose adhesion to the build surface and the print will then be a loss. There isn’t anything that can be about that, nor should there be. The ONLY REAL option is to place your Snapmaker, or any electronic device for that matter, on a UPS to ensure that dropouts don’t affect on your prints. This way, only long power outages will cause print failures.

This goes for ALL 3D printers, not just the Snapmaker. No manufacturer can guarantee that a power-loss will not cause the loss of a print, and not one of them will make that guarantee. Use a UPS, and you’ll be much happier.