Printer stopping during print

Fortunately it early in the print.
I’ve tried using SnapmakerJS, Cura, And Snapmaker Luban; at slow, medium, and fast speeds. I’ve rotated and flipped the piece on the bed. I’ve redrawn the piece. I’ve tried it with both the flash drive and hooked to my computer.
The printhead just stops moving and stays where it stops. The screen temps are at 0 and the current print field is blank. The door detection is off. I’ve re-flashed with 2.11 firmware.
I’m currently printing another file to see if it stops as well.
Where can I upload the STL and g-code file for someone to take a look at it?

UPDATE: Same issue with another file that I printed without issue 2 days ago.
After approximately 2 hours the print stops. The blue light is still blinking.
Next I will try with the screen disconnected while running the g-code from my laptop.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Another owner mentioned in a similar thread that the machine would not move in the negative direction on the X and Y axis. I have this same issue. The head will move with the + buttons on the screen but not the - buttons.
I am not loosing power as I am running this unit through a 500 watt UPS with a fresh battery. I have my alarm clock hooked to it as well and it has maintained the correct time so I know there has not been an interruption of power.

Hey, you could upload your stl and gcode to the forum or we transfer and share the file with us.

If you could only go in the + direction you have to home your machine first.

I will upload the files this evening when I get home from work.
I tried with a different file. Same issue. Print stopped after about 6 hours. I had the Snapmaker screen disconnected running the machine from my computer with Snapmaker Luban. I was in the room when it stopped. All the lines of code looked normal. But the last line of the code window was ECHO: V97 769 bytes downloaded. What does that mean?
I have a screen capture that I will upload as well.

I also tried using the laser with 2 different files. Laser stopped about a half hour into the job. the head stopped moving and the laser turned off after a couple of seconds.

Here’s some screenshots and the file.
This is not the only file I am having issues printing. There are a few files that I printed last week that are now failing to complete. I’ve printed a couple of smaller (< 3 hrs.) files but can’t print larger files.
I’m beginning to think that the issue lies with the motherboard. Is it possible to order a new one?

freeze3 Freeze
cover.stl (259.5 KB) (2.0 MB)

Hi, if the laser stops as well, it is not the gcode issue. How long have you kept the machine?
It seems that there is something wrong with the controller. You mentioned 500watt UPS. Can you try the original UPS?
You can email
Thank you

I’ve had the machine since February.
UPS is uninterruptible power supply.
Is it possible to order a new controller board?

He has just plugged in his original power unit to a device which is battery or grid powered.
In German its called USV.

You can email to purchase the new controller board.