Unbox and assembly, set up review from SM1 user

My 350 arrived earlier this week, and I finally had a chance yesterday to assemble.

I just want to say kudos on the instruction manual and quality of the parts to the Snapmaker team. I have been an assembly technician for a few years in my life, and your instructions and visual cues were phenomenal.

Also, comparing with the SM1, which I thought was decent, this was even better.

And to top it off, the palm spinning screwdriver, magnifico!

The only issue I had was with calibration for 3d print. During first time calibration, it would have been nice for more graphical illustration in the touchscreen on what to do. I thought it was all auto, for example, so I didn’t do the z offset the first time. I had to do two more calibrations before I got it to properly calibrate.


Will make a note on that. I can see why the last step catches some people off-guard.