A350T - First Impressions (are very good)

I just got the Snapmaker, and tried the Laser and 3D-Printing first. I have experience with the Orignial RepRap, and the Cetus 3D MK2. I printed a lot FDM but Laser and CNC-Routing is new for me.

I can rate this product as it is (for now), it’s just great!

Here are the Points so far i am Impressed with:

  • Printer-Design - i am not on CNC-Carving now but this machine is so beefed up and simple at the same time that it’s just unbelievable.
  • Build Plan - It’s not only a great achievement to think out such a machine. Doing it in a way and keeping it as simple as that, is much more important as you think. It took three days to build the RepRap 1 from scratch. It took me two hours to build this machine and start Making
  • Software and Interfacing - Here as well Snapmaker provides you with a Dummy-Mode on solution, but afterwards there are not many limitations. Bravo!!
  • Service - I had some trouble ordering, i ordered the wrong machine. The Support was Quick nice and helpful.

ah … i just forgot, this thing is Pretty!!!

So you made me a happy Maker, Well Done :slight_smile: