Hi all! New user waiting for A150

Hi guys,
I’m new in the forum and I’m waiting for my pre-ordered SM 2 (A150): it should be here in Italy on November… just cross my finger and say hello to the community! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the maker community. Feel free to ask questions and participate in the Forum.

Welcome! First 3d printer for you? Upgrading from something else?

First 3D printer! For sure I’ll have lot of questions… hope you will be patient with me! :slight_smile:

I’m also very interested on CNC (I’m studying Fusion 360) and hope to be able to do some little PCB too

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Sound very similar to why I got it. I make PCBs, and the process I have now is not really enjoyable - hoping the CNC PCB functions will be better.

Just setting the stage a bit for expectations for you - glad to hear you’re learning F360 - I’m learning it too, it’s great software. Don’t plan on the included software (Luban) being particularly useful, most people get the greatest success by using it as a machine control interface, and not as a 3D slicer as it’s a simplified version of the already free Cura - at least use that instead.

Plan on going slow and doing lots of calibration cubes and other tests to get a feel for the machine. Some people have had great success out of the box, some people (myself included) needed to tweak the parameters quite a bit to get it successful. Check out my calibration steps here for 3D printing: Snapmaker 2.0 Initial Calibration Settings / Experiences.

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Thank you so much brent113!