Snapmaker 2.0 Worth It?

I am a newbie to 3D printing (and milling / Laser) and I should be receiving an A250 in the next round of shipments. I’m watching the posts on this board and am wondering if the first round of shipments have been working well for people and whether they are happy with the purchase overall. I can’t really tell if the topics (such as leveling and gcode issues) are just small problems for a minority of users or whether most new owners are seeing concerning issues. As a newbie, I’d hate to be dealing with callibration issues, print beds getting gouged, freezing, and debugging. I’d appreciate any feedback!


Mine worked great out of the box.

I would pay attention to make sure the proximity sensor on the 3DP head hasn’t moved during shipping but it’s worth noting that anyone with a successful Snapmaker who has no input or concerns probably won’t be posting here. :smile:


My A350 also worked fine.

Test the proximity sensor before starting the first auto leveling. Just hold up the magnetic build plate at several point to the print head and check if the light on the proximity sensor is switching to red before the nozzle touches the build plate