Unable to auto-calibrate the bed after motors seized up

Last night I started a full test of the 3D printer by kicking off the 3D Printed Spiral Vase g-code that came with the Luben software. It printed through the night and into the afternoon. Unfortunately, something went horribly wrong between 1 and 4PM’ish. When I came home from an errand around 4PM the print job went to hell and there was PLA string all over the place, from the extruder, and the worst part is the Y axes motors were making a horrible noise and it looked like they seized up. I immediately turned off the machine. Then I forced the Y axes motors to the front while the machine was turned off. Now I can’t get the auto-calibrate to work properly and now the Z axes is making a weird noise when it starts the calibration process but it won’t let me finish the process now. As you can see on the video below, the printer head presses down on the bed, I thought it was going to break. I unplugged the power and reseeded some cables in the hope that would reset the system but no luck. I did just recently upgrade the firmware to the latest version. Should I do a hard reset, if such a thing exists or do I need to order new motors?

Issue reported on 8/25

I would suggest to send a mail to support@snapmaker.com and describe your problem. Hopefully they can help you.

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Hi @villalta5102

Sorry for the late reply.

It seems that one axis does not move which made the heated bed stopped moving in the correct position.

Another issue needs attention is that the printing module is on the left when the touchscreen shows the final position, which means the printing module shold in the middle.

  • Please dismantle the heated bed and the platform, then you can control the Y axes. Check if one of the Y axes is defective.

  • You can use the Z axes converter and check if the Y converter is defective.

  • As for the X axis, you can move it and check if the coordinator changes according to your control. You can get the coordinator value in the touchscreen.

Looking forward to your reply.


I dismantled the bed and confirmed one of the Y axes modules is no longer working. Support is going to ship out a new unit shortly.