Printer not calibrating after v1.14 update

I was using my laser just last week and got a notification to upgrade the FW before going further, which I did, and all was happiness and sunshine.

This week, I switched back to 3d printer, and now the bed won’t calibrate. It still walks through the X-Y steps from place to place to place, but there’s no Z movement at all. So, it’s just the print head, up in the air, walking around the board at Z Home.

Is there a way to roll back FW? Or should I do the factory reset thing?

Will setting the final Z point on the bed fix the issue?

Edit to add:

I’ve tried rolling back to each version between the latest (1.14.2) and 1.12.1, and this does not fix the issue. The bed leveling sequence still happens in mid-air.

Edit again:
The console in Luban gives the following fault when running M2000 S0:
others < Fault: 0x00000000, action ban: 0x0, power ban: 0x0

There’s also a fairly steady, continuous stream of:
echo:Unknown command: "M1012"

I wouldn’t expect firmware to cause just a single axis to not work.

Does it home properly? If you push Z down when the machine off does it home?

M1012 is from Luban, added in the latest firmware. Previous firmwares don’t have it so it’s unknown. Ignore.

Fault 0 means no fault.

There’s a glitch at Z=334, although that doesn’t sound like what’s happening here.

Well, the Z axis does still work. I can jog it around and yes it goes home and everything. It just isn’t using it during the bed leveling sequence.

No idea, probably just contact support.

This is interesting:

others < Reporting endstop status
others < x_min: open
others < x_max: open
others < y_min: open
others < y_max: open
others < z_min: open
others < z_max: open
others < z_probe: TRIGGERED
others < filament: TRIGGERED

Why is the z_probe triggered? What is the z_probe?

Oh, that would explain it. Read through this, you’re interested in step 5. If that doesn’t work then contact support.


Thanks for the pointer.

Going through the instructions, yes, that little light in there is on all the time. I’m not sure if it’s just gobbed up with plastic or if it’s an actual malfunction. I’m about to take it apart to see.

I’ve taken it apart before and actually getting the probe out requires a complete disassembly, and there’s not really anything you can do short of replacing the sensor. You’ll need to reach out to support sooner or later to get replacements.

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I just now found that out. Always learning the hard way…

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Just to update:

I did contact support, showed them the console output from above, and they agree that the sensor has failed. They’re sending me a new one and I should have it shortly.


Oh thankyou so much for sharing this.