Unable to adjust object z-axis position

Hi, might I check how can i place items higher than the print bed in the 3D Printing mode?

I can adjust the X,Y but not Z as I wish to generate support fully below the object.


You can’t move Z on Luban.
I advice you to use Cura Slicer

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Noted. Thanks for the info.

I just added a 2mm x 1mm piece on the bottom of my model in the z axis. Easy to break off, gets your model off the bed. Or use Cura. I do miss other customizations in that software. Really loved the option to place ceilings and floors on my supports.

Following. I wish there was a way of doing this with Luban. What’s the point of even having that Z-axis tool if the object always goes back to the 0-level? PrusaSlicer seems to to have the same issue.