Z axis control in Luban

In some cases with 2 colour files I need to elevate one of the parts above the base to align for Gcode
export. There seems to be no way to do this as the default in Luban is to anchor everything to the base,
even after raising the part with the move tool as soon as the mouse button is released it falls back
Has anyone found an answer to this.

What are you trying to do? You really do not want something to be floating in mid-air. I’m guessing you’re trying to print one part on top of another, rather than having a part floating off the build plate?

I don’t see a way to do that in Luban or Cura. You’re probably going to need to create a new model that merges the two models you want to print. If you don’t have a preferred model editor, TinkerCad is pretty easy to learn.

In Cura in the general settings there’s “Automatically drop models to the build plate” in the general settings. If you disable this, you can enter a Z offset and it stays.

In Luban no such setting I could find.

What you are looking for is possible in Simplify 5.02
with kind regards