TURBOCAD models to Snapmaker2

How do I get my model from TurboCAD to the Snapmaker? I can generate various file types from my model including STL, PLT, SAT, WRL, DAE, DGN, DXF, plus a few more that are probably not applicable.
I am currently using TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 64bit for all my 3D and 2D drawing and modeling.

Export as stl then open in Luban to slice and print. Or you can use a better slicer like cura.

Regardless of which tool you use, the model needs to be converted into a toolpath. Luban is the SM provided tool to do this, but there are many different ones.

Some CAD tools have the ability to generate toolpaths from within the software. Doing that likely requires extra information in set-up and finishing the manufacturing on the SM2.

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What funtion are you trying to do? For printing the stl is the format of choice for most slicers (luban included) for cnc and laser .svg is the preferred format.

If you are having more problems let us know we can help you through it.


At present I am just working at getting stuf from TurboCAD to the 350 laser module.
Yes I can save my design in TurboCAD as a .svg file but when I use the “Add” command in LUBAN to import into the workspace the size of the object is inconsistent. It seems to be related to the size on the screen in T’CAD when I save the file. So if I create a 20mm square in T’CAD it can be any size in LUBAN. If I zoom in so that the square fills the Workspace screen in T’CAD then the size in Luban can be 120mm square. Conversely if I zoom out in the T’CAD workspace so that the square is just a tiny object on the screen then the file imported to LUBAN just appears at about 4mm square.
I did try .dxf to do the transfer but LUBAN fails to pars the file.

SVG files are essentially text files. You can open them in a text editor to see inside.

Can I recommend that you compare the two files side by side? If you have access to “diff” (Mac or Linux), you can get it to show the difference between the two.

My recommendation is save the svg, then open it in another program (such as illustrator) and resale it… luban is horrible software, it probably is miss interpreting some aspect of the svg that turbo cad is saving as a “view” and reading it as dimensions.

What Atom said. I use inkscape for the conversion.

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I was hoping for more details, so we might create a bug report / patch to address the issue :wink:

Thats great and hopefully he can provide us some information. But in the short term I wanted to help him get lasering while he stares at the svg files that luban doesn’t like. And it might help because he can then compare it to files that it does like. Witch would provide more useful information

I think the issue is with TurboCAD. I was using TC 15.2 with no issues. When I upgrade to TC 2020 then Luban could no longer open the SVG files I created with TC. I even put TC 15.2 back on my machine but the SVG files still did not work with Luban. So now I just open the TC SVG file in Inkscape and then save it as an SVG file. Luban will then open the file.
I’m planning on putting TC 15.5 onto my other machine that has had neither TC on it to see what happens.
Also I had to put markers on my TC SVG files so that i could size them correctly in Luban. I’ll explain how I do this once you get a TC SVG into Luban.

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