Blender STL and SVG files

I have searched this forum and the Internet for this answer, and it didn’t pop up readily.

I’ve read on this forum that I can export a STl out of Blender, and it would be recognized by Luban.

I also read that Luban uses SVG files.

I downloaded Luban and tried to import a STL from Blender and also tried to import an SVG file that I had already. Luban wouldn’t recognize either file. The files were grayed out. I went to file > open file to import it. Am I doing something wrong?


The file types Luban will take depend on the operation being performed. STL files are 3D models intended for 3D printing. SVG is a 2D file format that can be used for laser cutting or CNC, but not 3D printing.

What exactly are you trying to do?

I’m just trying to open a couple of files and see how the software works. On the screengrab, you can see that I am in the 3-D printing mode, but the STL file is still grayed out. The same thing happens if I go to the CNC module; the SVG file is grayed out also.

You need to “Add file” or drag and drop to the workspace.
Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 11.02.17 AM

Open file will only open gcode files or files/preferences saved from Luban.



Yep that worked Thank you

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