Failed to parse image file

I’ve saved SVG files in both TurboCAD 2020 and Fusion360. Unable to open them with Luban.

You’re either saving them wrong or trying to drag them to the wrong place in Luban.
Post your files so we can check.


The “faceplate 1” file won’t parse yet the “collective top plate” will. Both created with the same program.

collective top plate outline (788 Bytes)

Face Plate (67.0 KB)

Face Plate 1ink.SVG

If I open up in Inkscape and then save as ‘simple svg’ it seems to work fine. For some reason I’ve found that just opening and resaving an svg file in inkscape seems to fix a lot of problems.

It may also be the text that’s making the difference. I’ve found that Luban (and a few other CAD/CAM programs) don’t like fonts that haven’t been converted to curves or to paths (terminology depends on image creation program). Usually when that happens it will open the file and look fine until you hit preview and then the text (or some objects) will disappear.