Enclosure V1.1 Upgrade Kit questions

This is a thread meant as a place to ask questions about the kit to upgrade the Snapmaker enclosure from V1.0 to V1.1. I’ll start.

Where do the four new corner pieces go? There are 8 corner pieces total in the enclosure.

Are the assembly instructions posted anywhere (the video wasn’t helpful with regard to the corner pieces)?

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Hello, Normally you only need 2 corner pieces (screenshot) and rest 2pcs should be standby.

The screenshot only points out one corner. I assume the second one goes on the bottom of that new vertical rail?

Sorry i should make it more clear. Yes you are right, that is the one you are looking for.

I installed the new door switch on my unit. I installed the latest firmware 2.8. I started a print. Then when I closed the door the print head went off the printing plate. I disconnected the door switch wire to the controller and the print then worked with the door open or closed.
I didn’t realize it was the door causing the problem. I tried to update software on the computer and firmware on the printer. The print would start then after watching for awhile I would close the door. I didn’t check right after closing but it misprinted several times. I have the wire from the switch connected to Port 4 on the controller.

You have to activate the door monitoring function in the Snapmakerjs software while the computer is connected to the printer. If you don’t, then the port is a mirror of the X transport and signals from the door switches will interfere with the x axis.

Thanks. That did fix the problem. I had watched the installation video and looked at the manual. There wasn’t anything in these that addressed this issue. I have exclusively used the USB device since getting the printer about a year ago. I am not sure how to get this to Snapmaker to improve their instructions.

Glad to hear you’ve fixed it.
Yes the Snapmaker documentation is severely lacking in many respects, particularly with regard to the software. I understand its a work in progress, but the documentation really needs to be updated, and where possible, supplemented with explanations and examples - particularly for those new to this hobby. The assembly instructions are amazingly excellent - the software / firmware docs terrible. Amendments could be made with an addendum until they can be properly integrated into the body of the documentation proper.

Oh dear here I go …

Again, glad you solved the problem.:ok_hand:

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@BriHar Thank you for the suggestions. We will update the software/firmware docs recently.
Please don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any problem. Your suggestion inspires us to make it better.
Thank you

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