Door Switch causes problem

I installed the new door switch on my unit. I installed the latest firmware 2.8. I started a print. Then when I closed the door the print head went off the printing plate. I disconnected the door switch wire to the controller and the print then worked with the door open or closed.
I didn’t realize it was the door causing the problem. I tried to update software on the computer and firmware on the printer. The print would start then after watching for awhile I would close the door. I didn’t check right after closing but it misprinted several times. I have the wire from the switch connected to Port 4 on the controller.

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Check your other posting.

@ljlaursen I think you can find the answer at Printer crashes on operating enclosure micro-switch. Please don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any problem. Thanks

Hey, I just started using the Snapmaker Original - bought it almost a year ago as a "corona hobby’, but I’ve got way too many hobbies…
Anyway, I seem to have this exact same issue. Took me a while to realise it happens whenever I open/close a door or touch a microswitch on the enclosure.
The link referenced doesn’t seem to exist anymore.
Any update on how to resolve this issue? I unplugged the enclosure from port-4 for now.

I also have my enclosure unplugged because I don’t use it for Laser. I also have a SM 2 A350 and do laser on it. So no update


Larry Laursen

I just realized this is my problem. I’d completely given up on using the printer, but needed a thing made, so I gave it another try. I was cursing the machine for repeatedly doing this exact thing the very second I left it alone. It was only because it happened several times in a row, that I noticed the pattern. So maybe I’ve had a perfectly adequate printer collecting dust for several years?

Did anyone ever figure out a solution, other than unplugging the darn switch?

I have the same issue. Just got my new Snapmaker Original few days ago, ant did my first prints today - everytime if I close/open the door of encloser, printing goes to random coordinates.

Anyone knows how to fix it?

Where are you generating the gcode from? Lightburn, by chance?

You can go into the settings via the computer and disable the door switch. However, I have found it is more easily done by unplugging the switch for non-laser work.

that door closing safety is a nightmare , I can not get my laser working, even after replacing the door mechanism it refuses to work , impossible to bypass the door safety . lights work but no exhauster and no door safety. the Exhauster could be bypassed, the door mechanism not . it is completely frustrating
so as many customers experience identical problems please snap makers: either update the firmware with the safety for kids or deliver reliable hardware.
Until now my laser artisan is just useless because of that shitty detail