Touchscreen Random Touch

I’m having some issues with the touchscreen appearing to have a section that it randomly thinks is being pressed which is causing the snapmaker to either stop printing if it is already printing or go to random screens or start on its own if just turned on. Have upgraded to the latest firmware.

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Hi @adamburrows34

Let us know your Operating system, which version of Snapmaker software and any other details that you can. Maybe someone will know how to exorcise this ghost.



I have started experiencing this issue as of 2 nights ago.

  • 1st Time happened in the middle of the night and the screen glitched (“random touches” / 5 hours into print). Stopping my current print and began my previous print. Crashing the machine and combining 2 prints. When I went to go shut it down the touchscreen was unresponsive and I had to just turn the machine off. When trying to clean it (change filament) I had to reboot the machine several times in order to get the touchscreen to respond. Didn’t want to cold pull or break the filament out.

Picture below and video available. This print was set up on Windows 10 (64-Bit) / Printed from USB / Snapmaker3D 1.7.5 / Firmware abase-2.2


  • 2nd time happened the next morning. After cleaning everything up and letting the machine cool down. Deleted all old files off of the USB driver. It did the “random touch” glitch again and stopped the print after 20 minutes. No crashing just returned to home position and was found idle.

Pictures and Video available (new user can’t upload). This print was set up on Windows 10 (64-Bit) / Printed from USB / Snapmaker3D 1.7.5 / Firmware abase-2.2

  • Last attempt before this posting. The print was stopped after 9 hours of printing. Before this attempt I updated the firmware and Snapmaker software for generating the gcode. I watched this print very closely and caught it when the screen glitched and stopped and attempted to restart the print, which would have crashed the machine. (Video wasn’t caught for this incident)

Picture available (63% complete). This print was set up on Windows 10 (64-Bit) / Snapmakerjs 2.4 / Firmware abase-2.4

At this point I have a bunch of waisted filament and an un-usable machine. Not sure what to do from here.

Thank you


Hey Caleb,

Bugger about the prints that got stuffed up. I was just lucky that I was sitting in front of my printer when it did it the first time so i could stop it manually.

If you submit a warranty request with a video of the snapmaker touchscreen playing up the team at Snapmaker will get back to about a solution or replacement. They have been great with me and they are just sending a replacement touchscreen.

Hope yours gets resolved asap.

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I have experienced this issue today as well. I just submitted a support request.

Hey mike,
Hope you get it sorted asap. If your printer is still calibrated correctly then you print using a computer and the Laser and CNC modules still work as well so i’ve just been using those while i wait on a replacement touch screen.

Best of luck

Still awaiting help from support.


We’re you able to contact anyone directly? Going on 2 weeks now and still have an unusable machine with little response from the Snapmaker team. I was contacted once 9 days ago and sent additional information but haven’t had any response from them since.

Another question…can you print with running the gcode from a computer or does the screen glitch still stop it?

Thanks in Advance.


Hey Mate,

Thats a bummer. I didnt get direct contact just from support but i have noticed they seem to only get to emails possibly once a week.

With printing, as long as your touch screen didnt accidently re-calibrate the 3d module what i’ve done is just disconnect the touch screen all together and just run directly from computer for 3d, laser and cnc and havent had any issues. Ideally I would re-calibrate the 3d module as i think it is slightly out but its still work well.


Hi all. 2nd day with my Snapmaker and the touch screen has decided to do its own thing. Wth the printhead it keeps cancelling print jobs and just now set up the laser head and the touch screen keeps moving the head around. Maybe I got a ghost in my shed. Only using the USB stick at pres cause the computer is in the house about 20 metres away.

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Any sources of RFI / EMI in the shed?

Hi Doug. Fluro light but it is several metres away.

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No power switchboards? transformers? shredders? grinders? waste disposal? things that use power? devices on timer switches?

My camping fridge for the refreshments and a led bench light. All the same as last night when everything was going great. Neither of those are very close to the SM. Pity cause it was turning out some very nice prints for a beginner.

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hmmmm, puzzling. Have you tried a different USB memory stick?

yep. used a freshly formatted stick with only a couple of files on it. I will set up one of my lappies and take it to the shed tomorrow to see if I can get a few more things done

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You must have ghost in your shed… what is the temperature in the shed? (we are clutching at straws here)

about 11C at the moment. I first thought it was a corrupted file but then same with another file on another USB so I set up the laser head and it was doing the random movement thing with no USB stick loaded. I will try again tmorro. if no joy I will contact support.

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possibly the environment is too cold, check with Snapmaker

will do. thanks for the replies. i will update when I know a bit more. cheers

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