Touch Display Issue

Hi Support

Interesting observation. I triggered the Change Filament process and had loaded the filament and forgot to press the back button to end the process.

I then started a print from my PC and then noticed the touch screen and I pressed the back button and it had no effect, I tried a few times with no luck. The print began with no issue so I have let it continue with printing.

You might want to look at your interrupt handling code in the firmware and allow the Back button to be pressed.


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Hi Doug
We contacted with our firmware engineer, and we got the reply here:
There is no strict priority between two host machine, PC and LCD touchscreen.
So if you send a printing command to controller by your PC, the LCD screen will be blocked and visa versa.
You could let it print, and control the touchscreen after the printing is finished.
We will update our firmware program in the future.
Thanks so much for your advise. Have more fun. :)


Hello @Sean-LeiLi

Thank you for the response, it is appreciated.

You have a great product and it it just keeps getting better.

Have a great weekend