Print stops midway and requests reconnection


We tore down our A350 to install the upgraded rails, power supply, and print head. Along with that, a new version of the firmware was installed on the controller (v1.14.20211207). After calibrations and some initial test prints, I moved to printing a larger project (12+ hours). I saved the gcode for the print to USB and loaded it from there.

Around the 50% point, the print stopped and a message popped on the screen asking if I wanted to reconnection after a connection was lost. Each time I click on Yes, the screen flickered but returned to asking me if I wanted to reconnect. Eventually, I just turned the power supply off because the screen was locked on that question. I can’t remember the exact wording of the message and I’m not sure how to recreate the issue to see the full message.

Pre-upgrade, this model was printed to completion with different settings and slicing.

Has anyone run into this and know why this might happen?

Could this happen to you?

I had that and the support sent me a new 5 "display. Then the printer ran again

Thank you so much for that, @nothing11 . I’m attempting to print again and will check against what you have provided if it should happen again.

It might have been a fluke. The second attempt printed with no issues. I’ll keep an eye on it.