Top Layer(s) not completed

It seems that the last layer is not be sliced correctly (Luban 3.5). Due to this, also the machine (A350) ist not completing the top layers … Small holes …
(PLA; 200 C; 60 C, Normal; Shell 1,2mm)

THX for ideas!

Do you have a picture of the bad print?
In Luban, once you slice, adjust the slider bar down to the first layer. Does the travel head movements match the print? The first layer is particularly susceptible to over/under extrusion issues, so it might not be a slicer issue.

Sorry, was my mistake - I´m talking about the top layer(s) - bottom is fine. I use the same .stl file on another printer (with S3D) , this works fine …

Hey, try to calibrate your flow (also know as e-steps).
I had about 10% underextrusion after assembling.

THX a lot, I´ll try :smiley:

I adapted the flow to plus 10% (1,1 in S3D), but the result was the same :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You have to adjust your e-steps, I guess flow in s3d is not the same.

Next thing would be to adjust your linear advance, look in the forum or Google.
(my k-factor is set to 0.09, others here use 0.08 instead of original 0.22)

Hope this helps.

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THX a lot for “hearing me”!

So all I have to do ist to write in the luban console: M900 K0.08 ; set k-factor

Is this right? THX!!!

This would only work if you are connected with USB, no wifi.

After the command you have to save with

Hope this helps!

I did so … We will see! THX again!!!

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Please update us with any outcome. I am starting to regret using a Wi fi connection because I miss out on much of the potential. But my machine is in another room and too distant for a USB connection.

Trying out to run some tests.

Where can I find the acceleration speed for my A350? The default shown is 500mm/s in that generator. Thx

With M503 you can see the M201, I guess this is the acceleration, can’t find in the forum with my phone…

Thanks, I just removed it from generated gcode, so presume it uses firmware default.

Sorry, for being a bit late: I tested with k-factor 0.08 - works better. All in all I think it´s also a matter of speed (A350). But now I am pleased with the results … (with S3D) THX a lot again!!!

Mind posting a photo comparison? It just gives other members on here a good visual representation of how important it is to change linear advance value

Circling back, yup K 0.08 makes a big difference using the test generator sample.

However, has helped for prints that have small gaps, I had a problem that they would always end up welding together.

My default print speed is 60mm/s

Nice improvement lowering the K-factor for fine work. Notice the gap in the middle is clear. Ignore the quality of the second print, turns out K 0.10 was best for me but I took these at 0.08.

Also can effect retraction, before:


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What is the best way to Calibrate your e-steps and k-value?

Calibrate your extruder:

Calibrate your Linear advance (I would suggest you a k-value between 0.08 and 0.1, I use 0.09):