Incomplete slicing and one layer walls

Using A350 with Luban 3.9.0, done calibration and printed test for overhangs, stringing, bridging, etc. Calibration looks great.

Question is with Luban, I wanted to print a cell phone stand from Thingiverse. Luban is showing incomplete slicing including one layer walls in places, no top layers on major part of print, and one “prop” on print has solid wall and top, but the other one is one layer walls with no top. It shows this in Luban, but the “props” are reversed in position when printed - left to right.

Print made a mess on some parts in the middle of the night, but recovered. I continued print this morning, but it showed same results as step 127 (final), not top, etc., in Luban. However, the gray scale “photo” shows completed top.

Any suggestions, anyone?


Give us the model, your firmwareversion, your gcode, photos, profile of luban + settings of it, all what we need to see your problem…

I guess you took a false profile or option in Luban, like vase mode, but this is far away from knowing.

Cheers Chris


Thanks for the rapid response. I went back to Luban and did a “force reload”. For some reason, that cleared everything up and allowed me to add infill, etc. Print is now on the A350 and seems to be doing fine.

Having had an inexpensive DIY machine a couple of years ago, I must say that the A350 is definitely worth the expense (and the wait to get here). I’m debating on the enclosure, but will probably go for it so I can print ABS and others, also so I can use the laser and CNC and vent.

I’ll let you know if other problems arise with this project.

Thanks again,


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