Took more than 100 hours in total but worth it (CNC Module)!

Hi everybody,
Just sharing the final result (the frame) - which was carved on a small Snapmaker II (4 corners, one at a time).

  • Designed in Autodesk Fusion
  • Low density MDF
  • Broke about 12 bits in total…
  • Then sanded down with a Dremel Rotary tool (using metal brush)
  • Sealed with Shellac
  • Black mat paint
  • Gilded with gold leafs
  • Antiqued with Bitumen of Judea

I’m very happy with the result - this was my first CNC project :slightly_smiling_face:


Fantastic job, and a heck of a first project! Bet you learned a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

About how big is each corner (LxWxD)? Did you pretty much max out the bed size of your machine?

Incredible. I never thought I’d consider a roll of toilet paper art.

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Yes, I maxed it pretty baldy. I had to make a spoil board which was longer so I could clamp my mdf (I actually screwed it directly to the spoil board - making sure it was in the areas where the snapmaker would carved.
I could only make 1 corner at a time and then glue them back together.
Made me regret not buying the largest one!

I think the frame is amazing. Very good job. Can you share the frame file, please? Asking since I have something similar a painting would be perfect in.

Hi, sure but it’s made in Autodesk Fusion and… Before they removed all the good free parts…
Look at this post, the file is in it


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