Extraordinary well done and precise mechanical work

Just received my 250. Packing and boxing very good.
Precise mechanical work the snapmaker team has done there, everything fits as it should.
Made my first 36 hours test (vase) with the machine. Looks good.

I will probably make some add ons for the machine, because its a good base to do so.
Anybody interested ?


Yeah, I’m into tricking out my tools and would be glad to help, test, critique, suggest. I’m a 55 year woodworker and a 10-day 3D printer. CNC and Laser Engraving/Cutting I’ve got down solid. 3D printing… learning at a furious pace.


Guys, we recently redid the support page and it is now more intuitive and easy to navigate. We will keep adding new content on the page too. Feel free to check it out and you might find it helpful. :grin: