CNC carving: Viking

My first relief in wood. Not so bad :wink:


WOW!!! Great job!
Can you please share some more info and maybe the file?

What kind of wood?

Nice work! Very cool.

Except for the fact that Vikings probably never wore horned helmets…


Thanks for the flowers…

The programs were created with Fusion 360, one for the roughing process, another for the engraving pass.
I don’t want to share the program, because I overlooked the entry of the cutter when I created it - see at the picture on the left below.

The cutting data for the tools I have adjusted a bit, these are a bit restrained - another reason why I do not want to share the programs. Should a different wood or tool be used, this could perhaps lead to damage.

The wood is possibly acacia - I got it from a €1,00 store. Is much cheaper than in the hardware store and of better quality, because it is very dry and you can work right away finished decorative boards;)
The thing with the horns… hmmh … I was not there at the time :wink:

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Adding to the congratulations of the previous commentors. I think you did a great job. I am getting into CNC carving as well and trying to get my head around the best CNC bits. Which ones did you use? The standard ones from Snapmaker?

Thank you!

@Horac: I have taken here the original bits from the Snapmaker store - was loosely sufficient. However, I would not yet judge the durability of the bits.
By the way, the model is from GrabCad

Great Job…can’t tell what size it is, but must have taken quite a while to crave.

“you give hope to the masses” LOL

fine sanded, oiled and waxed.