Tightening the linear module metal cover

My carriage/slider of the linear module got loose. After asking in this forum and contacting support I follow the (unsufferably bad) document around how to make it better.

I almost destroyed the end switch of the linear rail and also got loose the linear module cover, see here:

And now I’m rather afraid of using the CNC because of the dust that could go inside of the linear rail.

My question is: Is there any way of tightening the linear module metal cover?



here are two Link in Youtube.

Snapmaker maintenance, adjustment axis and steel strip. - YouTube

Snapmaker 2.0: Dust Resistant Test - YouTube

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At 4:45 the tightening is shown

i should do this too… somehow something banged one of mine pretty hard and dented it a bit. no clue what it was but its been that way for a hot minute now.

Hi wasn’t sure where to put this, but I have recently had a similar problem. I stuffed one of the metal covers.
Apparently can not buy as a parts, I find this a little odd.
Any way looked at options and made my own.
Used clear plastic laminating sheets, place two together inside each other and laminated in normal machine. The two gives a total of 4 thicknesses and add strength.
cut to 5/8 wide and longer than the metal strips by about 50mm. Punched holes to suit clamps and installed in usual way.
left the ends long so can pull to tension rather than using that clamp device supplied.
Works extremely well at an extremely low cost and has removed a rather loud noise from the rail when in motion.


nice fix! And you get a view inside the modules :slight_smile:
Now you only need to have some RGB lights on the inside to be one of the cool kids :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s some info on the problem though a bit longer ago!!!

You can buy the tensioner and the steel band cover via the support.
Just write to the support and tell them what parts they need!

(Note, to order the steel band cover separately makes no sense because the steel band costs 1 USD as of 28.03.2022, the shipping costs are higher than the steel band).

I bought the tensioner and a few days ago a steel band cover and various accessories.
Here pictures of the tensioner, steel band follows as soon as I have it there !!!

You must also not tension the steel band too much, otherwise it comes to damage the surface, I have seen with a user who sent me a picture !!!
Here is the picture if you pull the steel band too tight!!!

Why did you buy that?
It’s included with the printer normally. (or at least it was before)

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So on my Snapmaker A350T it was not included. It is also not listed on the parts list in the description.
Purchased 09.01.2022

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Ah, ok. that’s akward. It was part of the older “A” models by default. On the other hand, it was also the tool that at the time everybody on the forum was asking about because nobody knew what it was for :slight_smile:

I guess it was a cost saving action then.

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Yea wot in tarnation. That was officially listed as a maintenance item. There’s no good reason to require purchasing the specialized tensioning tool separately.

It was never in the parts list, that was an oversight by the documentation authors.