Stainless Steel Strip from Cover Broken

Is there anywhere a spare part for order? I buy my A350 in January 22 and after 2 months and maybe 20 prints the stainless steel cover from 1 linear modul is broken. What can i do …

Email and ask support to sell you parts. There are no resellers at the moment selling parts like you’re looking for that I’m aware of.

If all you are doing at the moment is 3D printing the steel strip is not strictly needed. Only real benefit is to help keep CNC chips out of the mechanism.

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Or you can try to fix it yourself using a plastic cover like someone did here:


this is what i will try … picture will follow

I just requested a few parts through support for a Snapmaker rebuild, including the Stainless Steel Strip.

If you are interested, I can give you the price for the Stainless Steel Strip if you want to know !?

Ok, very likely it is not worth the Stainless Steel Strip
to order individually since it costs only 1 USD !!!

There you will pay more for shipping than for the spare part!!!

See in other stores also no way to order him individually!!!

Yes the plastic strip created by using lamination pouches is working fine about 30hrs printing, no sign of sag and heat doesn’t appear to any issues.

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