Steel strip popped and loosened

The black cap that guides the steel strip under the x gantry popped off. I popped off the x axis and have tried to screw it back in but the screw won’t seat. Any thoughts? The screw will tighten without the black guide, but it wont seat if the black plastic is in there.

This doc shows how to clean the Linear Module.

It will help in fixing the metal band

I thinks that’s for SM original. I think this is the correct link:

And there are other videos on Linear Module maintenance. Look around in the forum or on google.

Sadly, After some tests, The inside of the gantry is stripped on one side. So the screw does have anything to grip. This is another disappointment for me.

Possible workaround - find a longer screw? You mentioned it threads in without the black, a longer screw might allow it to grip deeper into the good threads.

That’s a good call. I’ll see if I can figure that out. I’d hoped they were the same types of screws as the rest of the machine, but I don’t think they’re compatible.

No idea where you’re at but around here Ace Hardware and Wilco have a good selection of metric screws, otherwise I’ve bought assortment kits on amazon before like this one:

If you can identify if it’s M3 or M4 then you can buy an assortment of long screws and cut to length.