Snapmaker's belt cover has snapped

My Snapmaker has snapped.

Has anyone had this problem and what is the solution you recommend?

I just had this happen recently. Contact support, they will sell you a new steel strip, or if you are within warranty they will probably just send you one.

It is about $1 + $14 shipping (to US) and a very easy replacement.

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It’s only there for dust protection. So your machine is still functional until you get a replacement.
If you’re just 3d printing you can get by fine without it.
I wouldn’t do any cnc.
For laser it probably would be fine for a while.



Thank you!

I’ve already contacted the support and awaiting response. I’m glad it isn’t anything serious, and just a simple replacement :blush:

Or you can also try to fix it yourself by making a plastic cover :

And my home made plastic cover is still as good as when I made it.

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