Thin layer print


Just got my snapmaker! I got my first print just fine, however after completing the first job tried my best to clean the bed but it was not tatally clean, so I started the second job but it is only printing a very thin layer, any ideas of the reason, is it due to unclean sueface or temp or what could it be?


Your z-offset looks a touch low, try increasing it by 0.1mm and see if that improves it. You can do this by swiping left when the machine is printing and select the Z offset tab.

Thanks Harris, trying that right now…

i would hope that this was resolved by now but, snapmaker 2 shipments had a bad filament in the box and it was causing so many problems for so many people myself included.

i dont know if new shipments are still getting the garbage or not, but it wasnt very long ago since we had this issue come up.

Guys, that did noy work, not sure what happened as only the first print job worked good and second not going well and I have done several retries, the nozzle ends up pretending to print but it is way higher than the bed… That occurs after sometime of printing attempt, the start shows as id it is close to the bed…

I have also tried to recalibrate with no use, the filament is not even moving!

I have the same issue… so good to know how you fixed it…

It has not been fixed yet!

I found that the issue only occurs with some STL files… Not sure of the reason but some of the files prints a very thin layer then pretends to be printing just in the air without releasing any filament, any idea guys?

Just to be blunt about this, because its been gone over so many times on the forum…

The bottom line on these thin layer/no printing issues is:

Either your z offset is too low, you have a partial or total clog, you have too much tension on your filament, your filament is stripping or you are using the snapmaker filament that came in the box which is known to be defective (or some real garbage filament from china) and likely caused the clogging or other issues you are seeing to begin with.

buy some real filament, change your hotend out, make sure you are about .1mm above the gauge on the offset and try again.

sorry if that sounds like im a jerk or not genuine, but honestly this is all stuff we have gone over many many times.

you should buy no less than hatchbox i would say. maybe amazon basics pla is ok. matterhackers and prusament are the cream of the crop and there are some other decent brands in between.

now, what you will say next is some objects or areas of your bed print better than others.

this is also a common problem, and the bottom line on this is the bed is not flat, and there will be better areas than others to print.

pre-heating before calibration will help with this issue. the bed changes shape when it warms up and it takes a little time for that to occur.


All of what @MooseJuice said.

Also, not all stl files you find are printable. There can be problems with them or they weren’t intended to be printed or are supposed to be printed with a resin printer or don’t have enough area contacting the bed or need supports or you’re printing them in the wrong orientation…


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@sdj you are probably right, I had a doubt on some STLs and making further tests

I have unloaded and cut piecr of filament and then reloaded, it seems that we have two issues here, one related to some STL’s from various websites, for some rrason snapmaker only prints thin layer then ignores.

Other issue is having a messy print such as shown in the picture


If you’re not sharing the stl files that you try to print and your printer/slicer settings nobody will be able to help you in an efficient and constructive way. Now the best anyone can do is guessing.

I’m guessing you didn’t calibrate correctly and your printing too low for the first layer and are using stl files that won’t work and your slicer settings are not ok.

EUR-Sorter-tubes.stl (1.1 MB)
Attached the STL having an issue

Have you tried to use a other filament type like @MooseJuice suggested?

What orientation are you trying to print that?
I can’t really tell from your pictures.


@MooseJuice i havent as I only have the original filament that came with the printer, we don’t have them in the market here

@sdj544 the same orientation that comes when loading the file where the tubes are standing

Also why would snapmaker filament work on some STLs and not others, if the filament had issue it wouldnt work at all?

Ok, in the normal standing up orientation I don’t think that should be a problem. But I don’t see where those half round parts are coming from in your picture then. How are they even a part of the model you’re printing?

What slicer are you using? Luban? Which printing profile?

@brvdboss im a newbie here, i downloaded those three STLs and two of them printed perfectly, this one is having the issue, im usinf Luban with default settings