Bed Adhesion Issue

So I am new to 3d Printing and trying to figure out what my problem is here. I printed a few things without much issue, but the last two things that I have printed have been nothing but issues. the prints stick heavily to the bed, so much so that they end up leaving bits and pieces behind. I have tried taking the prints off of the bed when it is still warm and I have tried when it has fully cooled - no difference. The only difference between the prints that “worked” and those that “didn’t” is that i changed from the black Snapmaker filament to the white Snapmaker filament. Could this be the issue?

I am printing with the Luban “Normal Quality” profile as-is.
Do I need to use a higher (or lower) bed temperature? Do I need to change layer height - or initial layer height? Is my z-offset wrong? How can I go about finding this out?

Here is a picture of what I am getting. (note: yes I scratched my finger trying to get this off the bed).

The Snapmaker filament could very easily be the problem (the black packed in with the printers has an especially bad reputation, and Snapmaker has admitted that they got a bad batch from a third-party supplier). General consensus around here is to switch to any other brand you can find if you start having problems—Hatchbox is a brand that often gets recommended, if you want something specific to look for. (I’ve been using’s house brands, but that isn’t economical for people outside Canada unless you’re ordering in bulk.)

Do try backing off your z-offset in small increments. Also consider using glue stick or similar on the bed.

Also, filament colour can have an effect on the ideal printing temperature (especially if switching between black and white, where black melts at a lower temperature), so consider printing a temperature tower with the new filament even if you already did one with the old stuff.

hatchbox is a reasonable starter filament, frankly Matterhackers is super high quality and even cheaper but takes a little longer to get.

Your head is too low to the bed.

i have a verrry hard time getting “good”, im usually halfway between good and too high hehe. all the time takin my skirts off one line at a time :frowning: i just cant bring myself to smoosh it any further because it always gets all ganky.

so my settings are all wonky to help compensate :joy:

UPDATE: I have spent the weekend printing and have found a few issues that I was battling.

  1. The filament that I was using was just plain garbage. I bought some spools from snapmaker and the white filament I had been using was just terrible from the start. In retrospect I should have known this. I purchased new filament from Hatchbox and this has been printing with no issue for 20+ hours. The snapmaker filament is going back in the box not to be touched again.

  2. The nozzle height was definitely too low. I have found the snapmaker directions to be too aggressive. When doing the calibration and setting the Z height, it tells you to bring it down until there is resistance when pulling and the card “buckles” when pushing. This is TOO low. Instead, I have found that the nozzle should touch the card and provide resistance in both directions equally without buckling. That is a good starting place.

  3. After starting the print, watch the skirt printing and if the filament being played looks too squished or too round then don’t be afraid to set the z offset by swiping on the screen during the print and selecting z offset. Put it up or down in increments of .05mm and watch the print until you see it in the right spot. It has usually only needed one bump for me.

So far this weekend with those findings I am able to print without issue.