The need for meshing?

Hi All

Doug the newbie here. This is a call to our experienced users to provide some basic text on Meshing.

I have just started to read about the topic and the need to send appropriately meshed .STL files from your CAD application to your slicer application, such as Snapmaker3D, Cura or Simplify3D

Are there any hints or advice that can be shared with us who are mesh challenged?

I did find a couple of items to read

How to analyze a 3D printed part: a matter of meshing

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a 3D Model for 3D Printing

Read section 4. Ignoring File Resolution

Have a great week.


What’s your motivation here? There’s a hand full of “3D Printed” processed referred to in these articles and FE (finite element analysis) is quite an art form in even nice well known homogeneous materials let alone in FDM type 3D parts. Laser sintered parts are going to be on the close end to homogeneous parts and I would think that SnapMaker like FDM parts would be on the far end. FE modeling SnapMaker like parts accurately would take supercomputer like processing horsepower to be useful IMHO.