Fusion 360 export for 3D

I am using Fusion 360 and finished my very first design. What format to I need to export the file to have Luban read it and generate G code.

STL format, on the list to the left right click your object name at the top > save as mesh > Binary STL.

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Thanks that worked… now the second question. My project was a box with a separate lid. Do I have to somehow separate them to print?

If they fit within the build plate, you do not have to separate them. However, if they do not, you will have to either by deleting one or the other > export > undo to bring it back, repeat for the other part. Or if you have prusaslicer installed, it has a separate by object function built in. Just drop the model in, click the “O” button at the top.

Thanks again. Im excited to have me first design printed.

Make sure to show it off here :slight_smile:

What are the differences between STL (ASCII) and STL (Binary)? If I’m not wrong I’m using the ASCII one till now… am I wrong?

What about Refinement options? I’ve just selected “High” from the combo box


The first one is plain text and can be edited in any editor. The other one is a binary file that is not human readable.
Binary will be smaller. But functionally they are equivalent.

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hi i am trying to slice a model from fusion 360 i have saved it as a mesh but it is still faling to slice it also says my model needs repairing any advice would be appreciated

You can use either meshlab or meshmixer to repair stl files.

Make sure there aren’t any gaps in your model. I created a design in tinkercad that was giving me fits. It would look fine and print fine, but then when I pulled it off the print sheet it would break apart. I finally realized there was a gap in my model - just .1mm - but the slicer would see it as a stopping point and the infill would stop there and then continue on the other side so it wasn’t actually connected.


I have repaired the stl file but I am still getting the failed to slice message possible reasons abnormal parameter settings and slicing engine my not be supported what can I do to combat this

I get the same message in luban but cura had no issues.

It can be that its this known bug since luban 4.6

Cura has printed my 15 hour model without issues.
I think its a luban issue! ( Or the app cache should be erased)

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See if it will slice in Cura.

You have correct SM selected? It’s not bigger than your bed (including supports, skirt, etc)?


ah ye I forgot about the skirt all is good now thank you for your help