Snapmaker Academy: How to Edit STL Files with Meshmixer

Greetings! We’ve just launched the Snapmaker Academy – a new project where we can introduce some fascinating projects and share our ideas of making with each other. And the debut is “How to Edit STL Files with Meshmixer."
Please check out the detailed tutorial below:

Meshmixer is a free 3D modeling application released by Autodesk. It helps us create, modify and correct STL files (which is probably the most used format for 3D Printing currently). Above all, it’s definitely easy to use. Here we take the Snapmaker egg capsule toy as an example.

You are all welcome to share your designs, the software of your choice, and the tips and tricks of editing STL files. We are also working on a video guide. We would really appreciate your input if you have any suggestions that could help us generate better content next time. :wink:

Have fun making!


I discovered a Snapmaker base and a 3D printed Snapmaker on it!!

OK. It’s an egg capsule toy and an egg-tray-like item.

Have a nice weekend and Easter Day at home!


Are we going to get a whole line of meshmixer tutorials? That would be awesome!

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Yes that is on our plan. However we are also preparing other guides as well. Please stay tuned. :grinning:


I created a hollow box and exported it, first as object code (not recognised by LUBAN), then as a Binary STL, which Luban loaded but represented as a mesh of material and definitely nothing that looks like a box. Finally I managed by exporting as an ASCII STL…

From my experience so far, LUBAN does the job, but barely so and in an ugly way.

Our engineers are trying to reproduce the problem. We will get back to you once we find something.


We’ve brought you a video tutorial. Hope it could help. :grin: