The Official Bracing Kit and 200W CNC Bundle for Snapmaker 2.0

2024-02-05: Unveiling Insights from the Snapmaker 2.0 Bracing Kit User Testing Program

Exciting news! The Snapmaker 2.0 Bracing Kit and 200W CNC Bundle are now available for Pre-order at our Official Stores!

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Bracing Kit:
MSRP: $99/€109. Special coupon has been sent to all Snapmaker 2.0 owners via email.
Get yours now: Bracing Kit for Snapmaker 2.0 Linear Modules – Snapmaker US
Bracing Kit for Snapmaker 2.0 Linear Modules – Snapmaker EU
Bracing Kit for Snapmaker 2.0 Linear Modules

200W CNC Bundle:
Launch Price: $249 and $299 (MSRP $299 and $349).
Get yours now: Snapmaker 200W CNC Module Bundle – Snapmaker US
Snapmaker 200W CNC Module Bundle – Snapmaker EU
Snapmaker 200W CNC Module Bundle

If you have trouble finding the email with your coupon for the Bracing Kit, you can engage in a conversation with the Bot on our online store to obtain a Coupon Code: Type “Hi” - Discount - Coupon Code - Bracking Kit - Choose EU/Non-EU, and you will get the code.

The Bracing Kit is an optional add-on. You can decide whether your machine needs a boost in rigidity. If you want a 200W CNC upgrade, please get the 200W CNC Bundle directly.

Watch the video:

For any questions or concerns, check out the FAQ here:

Thank you for your patience and continued support! Like this post if you are excited about this update.

Dear Snapmaker 2.0 owners,

We’ve got some awesome news to share with you about beefing up the rigidity and extending the CNC upgradability of your machines. Our new Bracing Kit and 200W CNC Bundle (including the toolhead, bracing kit, and relevant accessories) for the Snapmaker 2.0 are almost ready.

The Bracing Kit is designed to be used with or without the Quick Swap Kit. I still remember when the Quick Swap Kit first came out, there was a popular and frustrating topic: when users used common DIY reinforcement solutions for the Y axes, they usually couldn’t use the platform quick swap. It was a tough choice between rigidity enhancement and quick swap experience. That’s why we wanted to provide an official Bracing Kit to support users who need to balance these two experiences. Honestly, the Bracing Kit is coming out late, but we still believe it’s an add-on we should offer, better late than never.

The bracing kit is an optional add-on. You can decide whether your machine needs a boost in rigidity based on its usage scenarios, expected lifespan, and your approach to future maintenance. With the bracing kit, there’s less risk of linear module sliders getting loose. Of course, the guide for adjusting slider tightness is still effective if you don’t need the reinforcement.

Another long-awaited upgrade option that’s been on our radar is the 200W CNC Module, which is the standard CNC module for the Snapmaker Artisan. Although the CNC usage in the 3-in-1 machine is lower compared to 3D printing and lasers, for some users, this upgrade has been eagerly anticipated. We were working towards allowing more users to experience the joy of CNC work. Previously, due to the rigidity of the Snapmaker 2.0 linear modules and the power limits of the toolhead, the CNC upgrade was restricted. However, with the launch of the Bracing Kit and the adoption of the boosted power toolhead cable in the 40W laser module project, we can now break through these limitations. Snapmaker 2.0 machines can now support the 200W CNC Module, which is super exciting!

We understand that some of you might have thought we were no longer providing upgrade options for the Snapmaker 2.0 modular platform. We did distance ourselves from users and the community in the past, and we’re working hard to do things that our current resources can match and support. We’re thrilled to finally be able to make these upgrades available to you step by step. Thank you for your patience and continued support, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback and expectations (performance, price, delivery) on the upcoming Bracing Kit and 200W CNC Bundle.

BTW, here are some photos and videos that our users took in the past few weeks while participating in the user testing program and one close shot for the Bracing Kit. Check them out!


Bracing kit is the must have of 2024 for me.

Love the idea and appreciate your work on further development of the 2.0, thank you!

Not sure if I need the 200W spindle but if the price is affordable I would go for it.

I general it would be nice to be able to choose each module of choice when buying a new machine (just a thought, have a machine and don’t need one more :wink:), custom machine.


If the price is reasonable i’d be interested especially the bundle. Any rough timescale on when this will be available?


It’s been a long wait, but I’m buying!
I’m also hoping for an initial discount for early users of Snapmaker 2.0.
Anyway I want it as soon as possible:)


Very good to hear that there’s still active development on the Snapmaker 2.0 platform. I’ve already added some DIY bracing and rigidity improvements, but the 200W CNC has me very interested! Working through some thicker oak pieces was really pushing the standard one to the very limit.

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Just to keep it short.

I love you very much! :heartbeat:

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For me personally , this is the greatest (hobby related) news I have read.

Thanks team snapmaker!


Hurry up… i’ll order!

Very very cool, looking forward to getting the kit! If you need any beta testers (I’ll purchase it don’t worry), I would be keen.

I’ll have the Snapmaker 250 Max complete with it!

Oh, nice to see another community inspired upgrade :slight_smile: … No guide rails necessary? Also - will it again take additional precious mm of build space? … I will probably buy it if price will be reasonable as I always wanted to have more cnc power and stability … its nice to have base functions aka “Jack of all trades, master of none” and then be able to upgrade the ones we need to perform better :slight_smile: … But dont forget the software please - it certainly needs more love and is kinda lagging behind HW :confused:

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what would be reasonable?

Thanks Jade.

You guys ever thought about an AMS or MMU style unit?


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This is great news! Thanks for staying loyal to your Snapmaker 2.0 users! The bracing plates are highly appreciated - I had on my project list to build the reinforcements other users did, but I can save the time now and have that at my hands for other projects - very happy! Also the 200W spindle is very welcome - I had two occasions where I had to redo a milling job because the 50W got stuck on harder parts in the wood.

I sincerely hope that the parts come at affordable prices…


im with @Hauke very happy to see this and wait with anticipation…

I’ve been looking forward to an upgrade to the CNC. The bracing should have been a standard option but we live and learn. Thanks for keeping us early 2.0 makers in mind. I will get this when available.

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Sounds very interesting. I have been using thick oak and in some cases 4mm and 6mm downcut bit for clearing the material. With a new 200w spindel for my A350 would change the game for me quite a bit. If the new CNC module is affordable there’s certainly users waiting to buy it. Looking forward learning more about the add-on.

This looks fantastic, and I will definitely be buying this bracing kit for all my 2.0 machines. I do have a few questions though.

  • Will there be any gussets for bracing the Z axis to the base of the machine? I believe the additional pressure of the 200W CNC could merit a couple flat bar gussets from the top of the gantry.
  • Will this kit do away with any “slop” in the linear motion of the machine? I remember having to maintenance the linear rails to keep the build plate from shaking, and the old solution of adding some HWIN guide-ways fixed that.
  • Does this kit have an upper z-axis bridge? I know that was a popular upgrade for a while, and I still have one on my machine to keep a constant space on my vertical linear modules.
  • It’s not as relevant for me, but I assume this works with the 20mm and the 8mm leads correct?
  • Does this take away print volume at all? It looks like it adds some bulk to the linear rails and I’d like to know if I loose more volume with this and the quickswap kits.
  • What is the estimated cost of this?
  • When is the estimated release date?

Thank you, and I am excited to spend more money at my 2.0 to make my artisan jealous.


Pre-order is open. €279 for us Europeans, pretty reasonable given the usual Snapmaker prices. Instant buy for me, well done Snapmaker staff!

A bit higher than hoped for but its usual at this point I guess … if it will work better than first generation of dual extruder after initial release I suppose it will do :slight_smile: … still would be nice to include information about build area with quick swap on that page tho … I dont want to addup and guess to what values I should change the slicer volume values this time again. And hopefully it will be enough without guide rails. Also it is not marketed but it should make some small improvements also in 3d printing function I guess as there should not be that much vibrations on movements?