The Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module for Snapmaker 2.0 is Available for Pre-order!

Where is the link on the EU page? I could not find it.
Also do we then have to pay VAT on top of the cost?

I had tryed TPU (hardness Shore 95 A) and it didnt worked out sadly. I suppose I will have to try something more hard next time but I would love to be able to do something with that spool I already have :slight_smile:

hi, the hotend for the Dual Extrusion Module will be the same as that of Artisan. It’s quick-swappable. We still use the standard nozzle. If you just need to replace the nozzle, you can replace it to the same diameter. But please note that, if you change the nozzle to a different diameter, the machine can’t recognize the new diameter, you need to change the settings in Luban manually. So, if you want to change the nozzle to a different diameter, I will recommend you change the whole hotend. You can get 0.2/0.4/0.8 mm and a hardened 0.4 mm nozzle with a quick-swap feature in our online store.


Hi, 369USD is the price after discounts for existing owners. Instead of sending a code to our existing owners, we decide to have a price off on the product page, so the guys won’t miss the discount as they don’t check their email. 369 USD includes the shipping fee, and it will be shipped by air. The extra fee you may pay for it is the custom fee.

599 - 369 = 230
So the post said “Save up to 230 USD”

hey, the Dual Extrusion Module still use the standard nozzle. If your nozzle is 0.4mm, it’s possible that you replace it to the new module. If you change the nozzle to a different diameter, the machine can’t recognize the new diameter, you need to change the settings in Luban manually. So, if it’s of a different diameter, I recommend you buy spare hotends with the diameters you need.

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369 USD is the price at the beginning of the pre-order, from Sep 27 to 30. The 399 USD will be the price for a longer period, so we use 399 USD on the poster to avoid misleading.


So many complaints about the price - I just have to say that the price is fine for me. With auto leveling, auto sensing, fast swap nozzles, it’s worth it as far as I’m concerned.


The Dual Extrusion Module adopts a dual-gearing system, which provides stronger pulling and therefore will make the filament feeding more smoothly.

First off all i really like the new module price is a little steep but it is what it is. But what i really miss and would love as a add on would be a quick swap module for the 2.0 why not just give it as an upgradable Option. Really Disappointed that the Artisan will get it and the 2.0 Users are left out of such a great upgrade.

Hi, the product page is not online yet, it will be released on Sep 27. The EU price will include the VAT.

hey, we have made an update later regarding the quick-swap kits for 2.0. We are now working on a solution and still need more time to conduct a lot of test to ensure that this solution is reliable for CNC and also affordable for our customers. We will share more information later when everything is clear.


That sounds promising i just hope we really get that feature would hate if we would be left out of such a quality of life change.

The nozzle is a 0.4mm, as is standard. However, the exterior geometry matches standard V6 nozzles which when installed on the snapmaker2 hot end extend farther than the stock snapmaker nozzle by a MM or two.
This is the nozzle I’m running:

V6? I thought they sayed MK8.

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The spring in the feeder is to hard/tensioned for TPU. You have to change it for TPU to a softer one (from a ballpoint pen- there is a YouTube video about it). Afterwards it worked fine.

Hmm interesting, I will try to look it up but I dont feel to comfortable to change springs every time I want to print depending if its TPU or not … I would appretiate some solution from Snapmaker but I understand its probably not simple thing to do. Either way thanks.

Here is a post on how to print with TPU w/o making any modifications to your 3D Printer Module, and a picture of what it looks like:


I’ll wait 6/12 months till they realise that they overpriced themselves. By then I’ll probably be on the AnkerMake M5 (ankermake-m5-3d-printer-5x-faster-printing-and-ai-camera) most of the time in any case.

I’m interested in getting this, but I’m not sure how it’ll work with an A350 and the enclosure. Will you just be able to mount both filaments on a larger holder and run through the same hole, or is there another intended setup?

Also, assuming the new head isn’t compatible with the other spare hot ends that I already have? Might be a reason to keep the old head around.

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