The Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module for Snapmaker 2.0 is Available for Pre-order!

Update on Sep. 27
Hi Makers,

You can now pre-order the Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module for Snapmaker 2.0 in our online store.

Don’t Miss the Limited Offer!

You can get it for 369 USD from Sep 27 to Sep 30. After Sep 30, the pre-order price will be 399 USD.

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Pre-sales FAQ:

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Spoiler: Snapmaker J1, which is an IDEX 3D Printer, will come this year.

Hi Makers,

The Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module for Snapmaker 2.0 will be available for pre-order on Sep 27!

We know many users have long been expecting this specific module and thanks for your continuous support and waiting. You may have wondered what the price is. Here follows more information about what’s in the box and the price.

First off, your package will come with the module itself with two hot ends (0.4 mm-nozzle), a spool of breakaway PLA filament, and a filament holder.

As for the price, during the pre-order period, you can get the Dual Extrusion Module for 399 USD, including free shipping via international air transport, rather than the MSRP, which is 599 USD.

On top of that, if you purchase the Dual Extrusion Module during Sep 27 - 30, you can get it for 369 USD!

  • For prices in other currencies, please refer to the product page in our online store. The prices may vary by region because of applicable taxes and shipping fees.

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I expected the price to be bad but this is another level … Its almost unbuyable … How can dual extrusion module be more expensive than buying two single extrusion modules and thats even after two sales/price reductions … why? WHY? :sob:


Price is high but acceptable. I was expecting it to be about the price of the 10W laser. With the discount that puts it well under the price. I am curious about the price of new hot ends though. I expect those to be significantly more than the current $9 ones. Hopefully no more than $19-$25.

What about some extra discount for A350 backers? Is this final price or there is something additional?


Yeah, I think I’ll just put that money towards a Prusa XL instead.

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On your heated bed, from the first point to the last, the proximity sensor in the module obtains data for each of them and they will be automatically processed by the controller. No need to worry about Z height calibration either. Optoelectronic switch will do it for you.

Will that new leveling sensor work with a glass bed too?

Funny, the email I received said save $230, but that’s only $200 savings, unless the new math is just beyond me… $599 - $230 = $399…??? Really??
I have purchased every thing that has come out for the 2.0, I think you’ve gotten enough of my money. I have other printers that do dual extrusion quite well. I do not need that functionality with this one. Plus, the entire printer was about what this module cost retail. How you can justify the price is beyond me.


Nope, at least in the EU store hotends are already listed for the Artisan at 55.99€ - 60.99€ (for hardened nozzle)…

Better reread the post (or brush up on your math)…

*On top of that, if you purchase the Dual Extrusion Module during Sep 27 - 30 , you can get it for 369 USD

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Also if it auto-detects nozzle diameter how that function works with 3rd party nozzle? Do I have to swap original one to same diameter for the hotend to not be confused?
It would also be nice if we could select diameters when buying instead of getting the default 2x0.4.
And how it works with flex materials? I was not able to print flex with original 3d printing module (I suppose there was not enough cooling?) - is it viable with this module?

I imagine you can change the nozzle (to the same size). Maybe there is a software override for the diameter. I’m sure it works fine with flex materials, as did the 2.0. I have been printing TPU, Ninjaflex, etc without any problems.

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How much for non-hardened, that’s a better pricing benchmark. Anything over $25 seem steep for what is basically a consumable.

From the FAQ:
Q8: Same hotend parts as the Artisan module or the 2.0? Nozzle specs?

A: Yes, the same hotend parts. The Snapmaker Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module comes with 2 hotends (with the 0.4 mm nozzle). You can order the other types separately in our online store, we provide .2/.4/.6/.8 mm & hardened .4 mm nozzles.

Laser is regularly £369. This dual extruder seems way more expensive considering £599 RRP, but the initial offer/pre-order is very similar.
Maybe they’ll have a 50% sale at some point for the rotary, laser, and dual extruder to help the older snapmaker users out now that artisan is the way forward. I got the laser but can’t justify the others.

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Is there any extra discount for Kickstarter backers? This price is ridiculous…the discount price should be what the module costs total

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How will the new module and specifically the sensor work with third party nozzles? I have a very expensive and far superior nozzle that I use on my 250. I’m fairly positive that when installed the nozzle is a touch longer than the stock brass one.


Yes the text in the OP says $369 but the graphic says $399. Which is it?

I’m sure if you two out your collective heads together you’ll figure it out. Just assume $399 for you, and $369 for everyone else.

I managed flex (for the laser plugs) but it was pretty hard not the softer TPU.
The biggest struggle was getting it to feed through the nozzle and I found the only way to do that was to apply some tension as it was being fed. But otherwise had zero issues.

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