Dual extruder For Snapmaker 2.0

Is the dual extruder coming for the 2.0 line of printers at all?? I want to print in 2 different filaments and I am holding out on buying another printer that offers a dual extruder so as to not spend a ton of money for secondary machine. With no response from Snapmaker on when this might be coming (or if it is coming at all), should I just bite the bullet and by another printer?

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They’ve said it’s coming shortly, it’s the next thing they’re working on once Artisan is launched (which appears to be done). But I haven’t actually seen a date anywhere.

But it shouldn’t be that difficult. They have a design already, they just need to make it mount on the V2 instead of the Artisan’s quick mount plate. I expect the same internals, but a different case.

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SM said and I quote… “hopefully by end of year”

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I’ll be crossing my fingers for next month. Thanks for the update!!! So I guess next question is how much it is going to set me back! SM is not known for their low prices!

I’m guessing at least double the price of the single extruder.

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You must live in the matrix. :wink:

I’ve been waiting for dual extrusion, all metal hotend, variety of nozzle sizes and hardened nozzle since, I’m not kidding you, I bought the Snapmaker and threw out my 10S!

Can’t you just replace the nozzles on the current hot end with different sized/types?

I thought you could just change the nozzle as well. I don’t know for sure cause I haven’t had a need to change sizes/type yet.

Sure…replacing the hot end is fine, but replacing the nozzle not much hard (maybe easier) and way cheaper.

The purpose of having a dual, or greater, extruder is so that you can create prints using multiple materials. I don’t think anyone would want to remove and load filament over 1,000 times for a single print.

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That’s what I’ve been doing but the dual extruder that is coming out is much better than my attempts at an all metal hot end.



Hi Makers,

The Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module for Snapmaker 2.0 will be available for pre-order on Sep 27!

We know many users have long been expecting this specific module and thanks for your continuous support and waiting. You may have wondered what the price is. Here follows more information about what’s in the box and the price.

First off, your package will come with the module itself with two hot ends (0.4 mm-nozzle), a spool of breakaway PLA filament, and a filament holder.

As for the price, during the pre-order period, you can get the Dual Extrusion Module for 399 USD, including free shipping via international air transport, rather than the MSRP, which is 599 USD.

On top of that, if you purchase the Dual Extrusion Module during Sep 27 - 30, you can get it for 369 USD!

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All of the Hot End for Dual Extrusion Modules are listed as only being supported on the Artisan printer is this true. Also can the 2.0 support the temperature required for the Hardened Extrusion Module?

Hello Snapmaker(s)

I want to buy the dual extrusion device, but …

One point is clear. I WILL NOT BUY IT. When only the americans get a special offer and the europeans not.
Why we pay 15% more?


I saw that too…thought I was reading it wrong or missing something. I hope that is not the case cause it would suck if I couldn’t get new hot ends…

What about VAT, that makes the difference.



I bought all the time in your shop without tax and paid the tax by myself.


469€ today 30th Sept. 2022 17:44 in eu.snapmaker

When I calculate our Austrian TAX

369+20% = 442€ (how much tax do you calculate?)