Terrible sound Lineair modules when homing

After firmware update to version 1.10.1_20200822 and a few printjobs my X-axis lineair module is making terrible sounds when homing fully left. now also the Y-axis lineair modules start doing this.
did anybody had the same problem ? and is there a solution ?
thank you

Unfortunately, some units were shipped with linear modules that should not have passed QA. Search the forum for “linear module”, as there are 3-4 different things that can go wrong.

I had the same issue, if it only happens when homing it could just be that your limit switch cable pulled out.

Could you describe the terrible sound or upload a video please?

Just to explain, my thought is, if it is only happening during homing then what likely is going on is that the stepper is traveling to the end but never registering the limit switch witch causes skipped steps and a horrible, almost grinding noise. After a few seconds the softwear recognizes that it must be home and accepts a home position for the axis despite never having registered the limit switch on that axis. A video would help to confirm.