Loud noise while homing


For a few days now, my Snapmaker A250 has been making very loud noises while trying to home. Everything else works fine, but the loud noise occurs while the X-axis tries to move all the way to the left. This worries me and I am not sure if this is because something is damaged and it can cause more damage to the device in the long term. Does anyone know what’s wrong? Should I contact support?

This is the link to the video I recorded with my phone:

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It sounds like the motor is skipping steps while travelling left, so I’m thinking the limit switch that tells the controller “you’re home, stop going left” isn’t working.

Check out this thread: Y axis homing issue *** RESOLVED ***. Maybe you need to look inside the linear module and check that everything related to the limit switch is in place and tight.

Contacting support would be a good idea.


You have a bad limitswitch, same thing happened to me, still waiting on a replacement from support. But you will need to email support to get the ball rolling.

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Thanks every one. I’ll contact support!

I fixed the issue. It was the plastic part which supposed to hold the sheet metal of the linear module in place. It was caused because the screw that is supposed to hold the part in place was loose. I’ve had this problem several times with other linear modules as well. I think this happens after a while due to vibration of the linear module. The guys at Snapmaker should redesign this part.