Supports starts at layer 1 instead of 0

I was using 4.2.x and now also with 4.3.0 when using a brim and supports it will print the supports on the brim. but on locations where it doesn’t lay down a brim it will start the supports one layer later which causes them to not print.
See pictures, i think there is a small offset not quite right in the used slicer engine??

Not 100% sure what’s going on with this but you could always try using Cura directly. I think the embedded version of Cura within Luban may be outdated and this could be a bug.

Cura, or Prusaslicer, or some other slicers will likely give you more fine-grained control over the supports. Also, for certain types of models tree supports are wonderful and only available within Cura the full version - there’s many reasons to hop over.

Yup i also use Cura but lately (i didn’t change settings) the brims sliced in Cura curl up when the are at the 3rd or 4th line. The brims sliced in luban are fine except for the support issue