Cura vs Luban gcode differences

For all the Cura experts out there.

I’ve been using Luban, but recently it cannot process some of my STL files as they are too big. I filed an issue for this.

I used the Cura profiles as provided by Snapmaker, verified that all the visible options in Luban are the same as Cura and slice.

If I slice the same model in both Cura and Luban, I can take the Luban gcode and print without issues. When I try to print the Cura gcode it will not print. The first layer fails. I know it isn’t a leveling issue/model issue as the Luban gcode prints.

When I look at the line widths, it looks like Luban is wider, more robust than Cura. The lines from Cura are thin and don’t adhere to the bed. I’ve not actually measured them, but it is noticeable to the eye.

Any ideas? it seems like maybe Luban is setting some first layer settings under the hood to improve the print, but I can’t figure out what.

I’d like to get Cura working so I can print my models while Snapmaker fixes their memory issue (Luban uses 4x the memory as Cura for slicing and hangs when it hits 6GB).


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snapmaker’s settings for cura that they presented are not really good

first try to compare your gcode and configuration to the information i shared on this post:

Recommendations For Successful Prints - Getting Started - Snapmaker: where creation happens

other people also share theirs, mine was kind of a combo of different values people used

make sure to print a skirt at least, if not a brim.

one thing about this profile thats different is that the initial layer temperature will actually be what you tell the initial layer to be, as opposed to the snapmaker settings which had an error to prevent that.

from there, you will have to experiment with the actual settings in cura to get best results, although a search around the forum for good profiles should be fruitful.

i no longer use cura so i am not the best source for that.

I looked at those and did update my Start/End gcode and noticed that I had my nozzle was set to 0.2mm instead of 0.4mm!

Now when I compare the gcode files they look very similar. I’ll do a test print.


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