Supports not working so well in snapmaker 3d

I have always had a bit of trouble getting supports where id like them especially on this print, and it seem uneeded to print this upside down and add supports all the way up the empty space when really all is needed is supports inside under the down spout part. attached is the file that has been causing supports nightmares. small-planter-reservoir.STL (942.9 KB)

I seem to be our resident Cura fanboy, for good reason though. Give the latest version of Cura a shot and try using “tree support” in place of traditional supports. The pics below are tree supports with the default settings.

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Im downloading cura now, you sound like the right perso to talk about it, im trying to make a pickle rick on a podium funny enough :slight_smile: (nice profile pic btw), how would i add the right supports??

Look for Tree Support under the experimental settings. See second picture of original post.

i looked for the cura download and i found a lot of sites claiming to have it. the thing is i don’t know enough about it to be able to spot a bad site for it. with the rise in popularity of this 3d printing endeavor i am concerned that some of these many download sources may be either scams or having a trojan virus attached. is there a proper link to it and if so what is it?

Cura is made by Ultimaker, the official download is here:

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