Support and customer service

So I ordered linear and power supply from website and I don’t have any response or receipts and the number and the support email is not working I was just wondering anyone experienced the same or it’s only me !

Snapmaker is based in Shenzhen, China. It looks like Shenzhen is in another COVID lockdown. I’m not clear if the lockdown has ended, or is still on going. Once it is over, it usually takes them a while to catch up after major holidays.

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Understood, thanks for clarification, someone is already in touch with me and finally I got reply on my email, however the phone number provided on the website isn’t working as I have been trying to reach it all day, I suggest if they can do something about it !

Their phone hours are business hours in the +0800 timezone. For US and EU customers, email works better.

Thanks they responded back :pray: