Service Response Time

How long does it normally take to get a response from the service department? No response in 48 hours seems a long time to me.

My 6 month old A250 stopped working. Half way down to the start position of a 3D print it turned the power supply off. On restarting it will not go home (just moves down a few cm and stops). Calibration does not work either (nearly destroyed itself). Any ideas on how to fix this? Do snapmaker honor warranties?

Hi for my experience (GMT+1 here) I always write during the daytime and then always find the answer by the morning after. Regarding the warranty, they will try to troubleshoot your problem and if necessary send you replacements for the defective parts.

Keep in mind that they’re located in China, and usually respond to support queries only during Chinese business hours.

I am in their time zone.

When I ordered this 3D printer they banked my money and refused to ship. They only shipped after I begged them for 2 months. They are more like a scammer than a real company. Now the controller has died after 6 months (yes, I think it is the controller) and I am very skeptical that they will honor the warranty.

yeah customer support sucks, without community imho snapmaker doesn’t exists anymore, try discord channel may someone could help you out.

I’m in the UK so about 8 hours behind Snapmaker time. As @ludovico said above, I usually get a response the following morning - sometimes a day or two later, I presume the staff have a weekend break as we do here.

I know people have problems with Snapmaker but many people have had parts replaced under warranty, I think your characterisation of the company as ‘scammers’ is unfair. I’ve had a few Kickstarter projects which have delivered nothing and I don’t think ‘all’ of them are scammers either, just unaware of the effort it takes to bring a product development/manufacture cycle to completeion.

Just my opinions of course.

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Actually, the way I was treated when I tried to purchase this Snapmaker printer (banked my money and then refused to ship) fully justifies the “scammer” characterisation. An early product failure and poor customer service only adds some additional justification.

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