A250 owner that is not happy

My snapmaker 2.0 does not work at all. I do have a ticket with them and am working on the problem. I realize shit happens.
But it is painfully slow. It has taken a day to get a response to a trouble shooting step I was asked to perform.
Then they wanted a video.
Why does support not try to phone the user ?

hello Paul, sorry to hear your having problems. i’m not staff and i wont speak for them. but my guess is they do not offer phone service because of a concern over the language barrier.
and while i do agree that support can be slow, we fellow users tend to be very quick. please share with us what problems your having. maybe we can help to get you making :smiley:

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Thanks for the reply. One step a day is pretty frustrating.

When I power on the screen has the cannot connect error message.

Machine is not responding, would you like to reconnect ?"

Measuring power supply pinouts. Working on it but slow.

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Looks like it is the power supply. Sending new one.


i’m sorry you have to wait for new parts, but i’m glad support was able to help (eventually). i hope you continue to share you joy, frustrations, and projects with the SM2.
happy making

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There is a phone number listed on https://support.snapmaker.com/hc/en-us/categories/360004337173-Services

Note that office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:30-18:30 (GMT+8:00). I believe the team is based out of Hong Kong. I’m not sure which timezone you’re located in, but you’ll likely only get email responses during that time. I’m US Pacific time, so office hours are 18:30 to 03:30 PDT (I think I did the timezone math correctly).


And I believe they are a day ahead (so it’s saterday there.

I had the same problem and it was not the power supply. It was the usb connector in the controller, it completely fell when I reseated the touchscreen cable a second time. I’m still waiting for some kind of response from Snapmaker on a replacement controller.


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TonyK, but were you able to control the machine using Luban trough USB?

I’m sorry that I never tried to use the usb connection.

Thanks Tonyky, I am waiting for a solution for me

If you try the USB, make sure to use the micro usb connector and download the usb drivers from the web site, the regular usb slot wont work (at least for me) and i had a hard time getting my computer to recognize it, but i eventually got it

Thanks Amoy, doesn’t work either, I was told it’s the Power supply, hope this is it

Someone posted a link to a direct good replacement power supply by meanwell recently, its like 25 bucks.

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Did it work, new psu fixed?

yeah it should be fine its just a 24VDC power supply with high amp rating, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013ETVO12

Yes that is a working drop in replacement. Though I have not heard that replacing the psu has fixed any problems.wvwey issue I have seen where the psu was expected to be the culprit turned out to be a different issue.

That’s what I tonight uffff thanks sir

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