Is it scam website or real?

Is this real website or just scam to waste the people’s money and time they don’t respond to emails or calls !
Have anyone experienced this or is it all reviews are bots ?!

Everything is a simulation.

Birds aren’t real.



Please elaborate? These forums are for Snapmaker users. Snapmaker, rarely if ever, visits these forums. So, the illusion is in the eye of the beholder.

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Snapmaker is in China. If you want to phone them, you’ll have to do it during Chinese business hours to have a chance at a response. It isn’t a preferred method of contacting them if you aren’t in the same area.

You should get at least an automated “we got your message” mail with a case number from the address. Have you done the obvious and checked your spam filters? Are you using a mail host (coughgmailcough) that’s prone to over-aggressive filtering?

If you have received an automated support email, I would counsel patience and politeness, and prod them gently in a few days about your concern if there’s still no response from a human being.

[Censoring the rest of my response from this point because while it may be true, it’s neither nice nor useful.]

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Thanks, got it
The response apparently was delayed because of lockdown !
Thanks for all the polite members who have helped! ))