Where is Snapmaker support?

Received my SM2 on Jan 31st 2021. I have had 5 successful prints and then the heat bed failed. It took 3 weeks for the support team to respond and eventually sent me a new heat bed (fixed, all good).

Now my 3D print module has failed on March 7. I have contacted Snapmaker 8 times since March 7 - via support@ info@ including their website contact form AND their admin on the facebook group AND the phone number goes unanswered… nada… Other customers say they get a response in 24 hrs but I get nothing! Today, I found a google form for warranty replacement so I just completed that.

Come on Snapmaker! I have purchased a bunch of accessories and Im likely to buy more like the rotary module but the support is getting beyond a joke. This is a premium end price and product that is not supported!

Where is the support team?? Please HELP

I’ll try to be concise as I can’t get around to it at work.
I’m sorry for my lack of words.

I’m sorry for my lack of words, but writing about my anger here will not help.
Please write what happened in the forum in a concise and clear manner.
What did you do, what happened, and what happened to you?
It’s easier to understand if you have pictures.

Contacting support needs to be quite detailed.
They are very user-friendly, but if they don’t know the details of the problem you are experiencing, they may be reluctant to respond.

Try to write in detail in the forum.

I am not sure what you are saying exactly, you tried to contact them via the web site submission?

regarding the phone, keep in mind they are in china so timing is going to be hard

Have you emailed support@snapmaker.com

Edwin typically will reply within a couple days. @Edwin

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Sorry for the late reply.

Please PM me the ticket ID you got and I will check it for you,

Best regards

@MooseJuice @Blockmodule
Thank you for your kind reminder. :smile:


The point of this post is to get Snapmaker’s attention and their support, not to ask other SM creators for their assistance.

I can assure you, I am very detailed and very thorough in my emails to your support team. Moreover, I am also quite patient but this is the 2nd time the hardware has failed and I am waiting for up to 2 weeks for support. I have sent 8 emails to support@ and info@ AND messages via the contact us form on the website PLUS contacted the admins on the facebook forum. I called your phone support during your office hours in China and it rang out. I also completed the warranty form which you have placed in a google doc. When my other Snapmaker owner friends tell me that they get support from you in 24 hrs and I have to wait weeks, so you can forgive me for getting a little annoyed.

Thankfully, the admin from facebook did reach out today and they will hopefully get back to me soon.

FYI the issue is simple - My SM2 3D print module failed. The extruder is dead and I tried to replace it. I bought the original replacement from Snapmaker store and when I tried to install it the hex screw has welded shut in the 3D print module head. Using the provided tool, it stripped/rounded the hex bolt and cannot be removed. Now, there is no way to get the screw out and no way to use the 3D print module without using a bolt extractor which would probably void warranty. Simple issue but no support.

To be clear, I am a fan of Snapmaker despite the fact that the machine has been sitting broken and idle with hardware failures longer than it has been operational. It’s a quality build with well thought-out design but it also has some teething issues likely due mass production quality control. I recognize that’s just part of a company being new and you’ll fix these issues… But in the meantime, you must back it up with quality world class support. So far, that is lacking big time (for me anyways).

Sent. I am 3 tickets open on the same request PLUS 8 emails PLUS 2 contact us form submissions PLUS warranty submission.

Nothing in 9 days… Please help. That’s all I want. It’s a hardware issue. Help.

I just checked your tickets, which has been assigned to my colleague, Potter. He will reply to you today.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s just my personal opinion.

Hmmm, I’m not sure:)
If I were you, I’d be very cautious because it takes time to put it all together when you have inquiries from all over the place…

If the problem is caused by a defect in the product, it would be easier for the manufacturer to deal with the problem if you contact support without making any changes.

It took me more than a month to solve my problem, but the two support people who responded to me were very supportive until the end.

Don’t give up, stay calm!

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Thank you. I am relieved that someone has finally seen the issue and will get to it.

This is happening to me. Does anyone know the turn around for how long it takes support to respond to a ticket request? It’s been over a week and haven’t heard. My Snapmaker A350 is dead in the water with a bad controller hub.

I got tricked by the flip around of the port on the 10W laser module. I have the enclosure and you can’t easily see or install modules and I messed up.

Sorry for pulling this discussion back up from the dead.

Hi jkr, sorry for your bad experience :smiling_face_with_tear:. The support staff has been on holiday leave and will come back at the end of January.

Thanks for your reply. Poor timing for me, but I can be patient.

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Now that the forum is finally open again, any status on where the heck is the support staff?

I’m exactly a month since submitting a support request. My A350 is dead and collecting dust and I haven’t been able to try out my new 10w laser.

I tried to ask them a question about the discount on linear module upgrade from original, it took them from Dec 29 to Jan 13.

Try to send a new email.