Study to modify print module v1 to v2

Hi everyone,

After some research, I have never seen someone to try modify the module v1 to v2 (with hole in front)

What I would do?

Create hole in front like v2 and air duct for cooling inside.

I know the construct inside module are different, but when I look precisely, you can see that you have place to put an air duct in front the small fan
Inside module v1

Duct fan I want to add :

My print cooling event must be changerd, it is damaged.

What do you think?

The air duct I want create of v2 module:

I guess that indeed you can convert a v1 to a v2 with a bit of effort, but IMHO it’s not worth the trouble. Why not follow the path others have taken and create an additional outside fan? There are lots of examples, this one: 3DP Part Cooling Fan 5015 Replacement for Gen 1 extruder - #341 by macdylan seems to be the most popular currently, but there are several others in the same thread.

I can only agree with Hauke, I have a different version to the one he suggests here but also with an external fan and air duct because there is enough space.
And what can I say - 100% improvement.
The small internal fan can’t do it even if you make a hole in the front of the case. But that wouldn’t be my thing either, as I don’t want to damage the case!

What you said it is trust.

I will not modify the case, and it will be better to part on this idea (work only on V2) :slight_smile: Snapmaker A250T / A350T 4010 Radial Fan Upgrade and Spool Holder – Embrace Making

I will create the model on V1 (the circuit board is not same size.) I can after go back on original model without difficult.
At the end i will share it for free on thingiverse :slight_smile:

Anyone have a model in stl or for fusion360 of the head?

I will start from it : Snapmaker 2.0 3DP Cooling Fan 5015 Replacement (Updated) par Dylan | Téléchargez gratuitement un modèle STL |